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More Than
has been put toward scholarship
and post-secondary funding since 2010

One of our largest focus areas for financial support belongs to post-secondary education. We have a few different avenues in which we do this, but we are currently supporting local students, who are members, and are moving on to post-secondary education. The amount of financial aid can vary, but on average, scholarships provided by gfcu exceed $7500 per year.

We understand the traditional systems of post-secondary education are expanding and transforming, and we are open to suggestions on how we can be more inclusive with our scholarship program. So do keep us informed if you see a new opportunity for us to expand our reach.

Building Financial Literacy
Across the Boundary

Scholarships are awarded in various ways throughout the year

2017 gfcu scholarship winners, gfss students, grand forks credit union
2020 GFSS Recipients